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When you wish upon a star
Makes no difference who you are
Anything your heart desires
Will come to you.

If your heart is in your dreams
No request is too extreme
When you wish upon a star
As dreamers do.



Dear all, Liebe zusammen,

Last Saturday Sophia's Garden Concert for Mobile Mini Circus for Children 4th Edition took place!


The variety of musicians: intimate singer song writers songs, uplifting latin,  smooth jazz, cheerful klezmer, melancholic tango. It was all there!
Children and adults all enjoyed the clown and were very eager in learning circus skills in the circus workshop and children made beautiful circus impressions in the art workshop.  
The catering was serving drinks and snacks in the beautiful garden of the residence of the Dutch ambassador.
We could all taste a variety of fantastic cakes while having a look at the photo exposition ‘Hope investing’! 

We've laughed, we had fun, we've danced, we had JOY!

Some nice unexpected surprises; a beautiful gift 'When you wish upon a star' performed by Edith, Paulo and Barbara,
a visit of the ambassador of Japan and the mayor of Wasserbillig . We had sunny weather!
In the meanwhile the photographer made shots of this fantastic day (I will update you later and sent you the link with the photo's)! 

We all did it again, together! And I’m thankful for that!

The total amount collected for the MMCC this  day: 2151 euro!!! Thank you for your generosity ♥!

I wish we can make a tradition of Sophia's garden concerts. To keep that little light burning and to feel and see that we all can really mean something for each other and with each other just by bringing joy and laughter.

You want to join me? You want to support me or MMCC? You have any suggestions?
Please let me know!
You didn't had the change to donate and you wish to do so?  
NL22 RABO 0302736077
H Strijker
Reference: MMCC 2017 
or directly via website

I know volunteers do not necessarily have the time, I know they have the heart! Thank you to my GREAT helpers:  Dennis Wezenberg:  Barbara Witzel & Daniel Gruselle  Ramunas Astrauskas:  Eric Dürrer:  Juan Carlos Gonzales Garcia, Paulo Simoes, David, family Kok, Simone, the gardener Jacques, Florence and team, Gerda and Paul, Zhanna, cakebakers and my parents!


When you wish upon a star?.......I'm sure!
See you all
at Sophia's Garden Concert 5th jubilee ;-) in 2018!


Have a beautiful summer.

Sophia ♥


Uptill now a total amount of  3151 euro has been collected for the MMCC. This also includes collections during different events:

  • 2151 euro: Sophia's garden concert 2017

  • 600 euro church services

  • 400 euro Global Issues Network Conference

Thank you!!!!!
and the year isn't over yet :-)

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