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You can do things I cannot,
I can do things you cannot .
Together we can do great things! - Mother Teresa


Dear all,


Last Saturday Sophia's Garden Concert for Mobile Mini Circus for Children took place for the third time. This time even more special:
in the garden of the residence of the Dutch ambassador Luxembourg.

It was a great success! The weather, the guests, the musicians/artists, the food, the ambiance, the drinks, the beautiful photoexposition:'investing hope' of Nafise Motlaq, the venue, the friendly and hospitable ambassadors team........
Thank you for your support in every way! 

The total amount collected for the MMCC this day: 2160 euro!!!
Thank you for your generosity!

If you are also convinced of this beautiful social project and your company, church, school, business or whatever would like to support the Mobile Mini Circus for Children Sophia would be very happy to pass by and give a presentation and tell about the MMCC. Also the beautiful photo-exposition of photographer Nafise Motlaq:  'Investing hope' is possible to exhibit in your school/company building/commune/praxis.

Sophia hopes she can make a tradition of Sophia's garden concerts as long as she wants and enjoys it! 
To keep that little light burning and to feel and see that we all can really mean something for each other and with each other just by bringing joy and laughter.
Sophia hopes to see you (again) next Summer at Sophia's Garden Concert 4th Edition!
But first she's going to process all the beautiful impressions and reminisce. 


Have a beautiful Autumn.


Sophia, Ryan and Heidy


Uptill now a total amount of 2823 euro has been collected for the MMCC. This also includes collections during different events:

  • 2160 euro: Sophia's garden concert 2016

  • 175 euro: NVL Summerparty

  • 488 euro church services

Thank you!!!!!

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