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Nafise Motlaq                                                  

I’m an Iranian documentary photographer and journalism senior lecturer at University Putra Malaysia where I teach photography and photojournalism beside theories of communication. I was working for newspapers in Iran as a photojournalist since I moved to Malaysia in 2004 to continue my studies in Ph.D. of Mass Communication. Since then I work as a freelancer and so far my photographs, multimedia and writings have been published is numerous media. My first photo book titled “A Given Path” was published in Malaysia in 2010 and has been selected as the best 50 titles for international rights. Women issues, interfaith dialogue and human rights are my main interests in photography and so far, my photographs have been awarded and exhibited around the world.

In 2016 David gave me a beautiful present: 'Investing Hope'. An exhibition of 26 beautiful art-photos (size 47/74 cm 46/34 cm) made by Nafise Motlaq.
I'm so happy with it and love to share these beautiful photos with you.
The photo-exposition 'Investing hope' is possible to exhibit in your school/company building/municipalities/practice/office. Just let me know!

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