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Sophia’s Garden Concert For the Mobile Mini Circus for Children 2016



Do you want to go with me on a journey around the world?
 From the West to the East? 
From the North to the South or the other way around? 
You are invited to come with me on this special 3rd Edition of Sophia’s Garden Concert for MMCC! 
I am your tour leader!

Departure at 14.00 from the Dutch residence Luxemburg with Ambassador P. Kok and I. 
First flight to Spain to hear Errol Pawiroredjo playing Flamenco on guitar
Then go back a bit North and meet Dutch Clown Rooie Arie in his magical circus tent 
We need some sun and visit Cuba to dance some salsa  with Eric Dürrer and Matt Börgmann
Afterwards we take The Silk route to Kabul where I will guide you through the MMCC-circus!
We stay 1000 and one more night  in the Orient to rest in a small caravanserai to listen 
to Ofrans Badahkshani Persian poems and music!  
Meanwhile children can take part in an art workshop guided by  Sonja Soyer
At the end we fly back to the west for some Jazz with 
Edith van den Heuvel and Paulo Simoes
Don‘t waste this lifetime chance: a world journey in one afternoon! 

Your travel program with all the information about the musicians, artists and special guests 
will be sent to you as soon the complete program is set!




17 September 2016 from 14.00-17.30 
In the garden of the Residence Dutch ambassador
Residentie 'Bricherhaff' 

Hope to see you all
Sophia Jansen

please RSVP before 13 September 2016! Don’t forget!








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