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I'm so sorry my website hasn't been updated lately.  I hope I'll find the time very soon :-). 
Since 2014 every year a concert has taken place for the Mobile Mini Circus for Children. Many great things have happened in the meanwhile for instance: I've met Rabia, a circusgirl from Kabul, RTL Luxembourg made a reportage, many great musicians have helped me, I've met the minister of foreign affairs Luxembourg...... And I hope many have been inspired by the activities of MMCC and all acts of kindness that have taken place.
This year another concert will take place, for sure! 
For more up to date information you can have a look at my facebooksite or contact me :-)!

How it all started!

In 2014 I saw a tv program:
`Floortje aan het eind van de wereld`

Floortje Dessing visited a Circus for children in Kabul:
The Mobile Mini Circus for Children.


I saw so many happy faces and smiling children. It also made me happy and smile and I wanted to collect money for this social circus. I was thinking how can I do that. I tried to sell paintings I've made myself but that wasn`t a huge success. Then my parents were visiting friends. These friends had a house concert, with a singer in their living room in order to collect money for a school in Asia. And then I thought: YES!!! THAT`S IT! I´m going to organise a concert in our garden for the Mobile Mini Circus!
See and read what happened afterwards!



Meet Sophia

My name is Sophia. I`m the initiator and co-organizer of Sophia`s Garden Concerts for the Mobile Mini CIrcus for children in Kabul.










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What my parents thought at first instance

After seeing a Dutch tv program our Sophia, at that time 7 years old got very inspired and motivated to organise something for MMCC to collect money. What to do as a parent? To be honest: We´ve tried to change her mind (first thought …ooh no: where to start, what to do…extra work) And that of course made her very angry and we didn't have a good excuse. As a parent you dream of such an attitude of social awareness-initiative and you would encourage it. And now we were trying to stop her ideas. No, there was not one good excuse to change her mind. She came up with the idea of a home-garden concert with musicians and maybe circus acts. And so we helped her.

In the meantime she already had written letters to her piano teacher and other professional artists, to support her in raising money for this Circus!

This concert would definitely take place and we were going to make a super party for the MMCC.

Now several years later, many concerts have taken place. It´s improving and getting better each year!

It´s really wonderful to see how many people, professional musicians and other artists have helped Sophia and the MMCC voluntarily during tall hese years and all contributing in their own way.
So many positive vibes spreading, so much joy, so much fun and so much love.
To see that happening is warming and priceless!

Ryan & Heidy


Acts of kindness are wings of love, which linger and continue to uplift others long after their sharing- Rumi

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