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Help me and Support the MMCC

If you are also convinced of this beautiful social project and your company, church, school, business or whatever would like to support the Mobile Mini Circus for Children I would be very happy to pass by and give a presentation and tell about the MMCC.
In 2016 David gave me a beautiful present:
'Investing Hope'.
An exhibition of 26 beautiful art-photos (size 47/74 cm 46/34 cm) made by

Nafise Motlaq.
I'm so happy with it and love to share these beautiful photos with you.
The photo-exposition 'Investing hope' is possible to exhibit in your school/company building/municipalities/practice/office. Just let me know!

Join me!

Can you imagine:
Lisa`s Garden Concert in California
Nouria`s Garden Concert in Istanbul
Marco`s Garden Concert in Luca
Isabella's Garden Concert in Curitiba
Biko's Garden Concert in Stellenbosch
Huan's Garden Concert in Tokyo

Do you like to laugh?
Do you like joy and happiness?
Do you think all children in the world need happiness, joy and laughter?


Join me and organise your own concert for your good cause. It could me Social Circus but it could also be another organisation who brings smiles on children faces.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a children community who are organizing concerts all over the world for children!


Please let me know! 


Big hug,



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