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Dear all,

The big and scary question: could we match up with last year?

And yes we all did it again! It was again a beautiful day!As parents from Sophia this second home concert is again a precious memory. To see Sophia so confident and happy. We´re proud of her!

Also to see how a lot of people helped us: Jasmijn and Siena performing Shake it off together with Sophia. Professional musicians Edith van den Heuvel, Janos Nadasi, Paulo Simoes, Voices international, Alberto Caicedo and Thomas Böttcher. The other professional artists: Stephan Kinsch and Sophia Rein.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your good performance! Without your kindness and willingness and help this would never had been possible.

And all the help from others:The neighbor for his garden.
Karl and his son Lucas from Voices International who set up the whole sound system!
Simone and Jean Claude for the tents.
Edith and Reza to bring us into contact with the choir and some musicians.
Maurice and Charlotte for barkeeping.
John for the beamer(unfortunately it didn't connect on our computer)
David for his inspiration and supporting Sophia and learning me the tango.
Kris for making the pictures.
Ine, Regine and Simone to organize the food logistics


And you! For all the delicious food! Your (financial) support for the Mobile Mini Circus for Children and your joy laughter and happiness!For all the invited guests who couldn’t come…you´ve really missed something ;)!

The total amount collected for the MMCC up till now is 1900 euro. It has almost doubled compared with the last time during the Party! Thank you for your generosity!

Sophia ended up at the end of the last year with a total amount of 2700 euro by collecting during the year as well. She would like to match up!If you are also convinced of this beautiful Project and your church, company, school, business or whatever would like to support the Mobile Mini Circus for Children Sophia would be very happy to pass by and give a presentation and tell about the MMCC.

Sophia can't wait for the next garden concert!First papa and mama need to recover :-)!But we hope we can make a tradition of Sophia's garden concerts as long as Sophia wants to! To keep that little light burning and to feel and see that we all can really mean something for each other and with each other just by bringing joy and laughter.

Maybe you already know some Artists/Musicians for a next time. All other ideas to help are also welcome. We keep in contact!

Have a beautiful summer!


Sophia, Ryan and Heidy

A total amount of
1900 euro
was collected during this concert!

Thank you for your contribution!



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